treeserviceWhether your trees have been damaged by a storm or are in need of pruning or cabling, Alexander’s Tree Service has the experience and equipment to get the job done. We offer many services for emergency and non-emergency tree care and maintenance.

Emergency Services

When disaster strikes, you can trust Alexander’s Tree Service to get there quickly. We’re equipped to work in any weather at any time of day, including at night. Our 24-hour emergency services mean you never have to wait until morning to take care of a problem or fallen tree, and we offer waterproofing services if necessary. In fact, Alexander’s specializes in removing large and dangerous trees, no matter what the circumstances.

tree pics cobb island 075Tree Removal

When a tree in your yard needs to be removed, we have the experience to help you take care of it. Declining trees can pose a threat to people and property, especially during a wind storm or other severe weather. Taking care of the tree before bad weather strikes can help prevent larger – and more expensive — problems.

Alexander’s Tree Service has the experience and knowledge to assess your tree or trees and make recommendations for the best course of action for you, from removal to trimming.

tree pics cobb island 004Crown Cleaning and Reduction

There are several reasons for pruning your trees. Keeping trees pruned and properly maintained enhances the beauty of the tree and promotes its health and longevity. We remove deadwood and diseased branches and clear branches that cross or rub. This lets in light and can improve air circulation within the tree’s branches. Crown reduction can also improve your view if the tree is blocking something you’d like to be able to see from your home.

Pruning is especially important if you have fruit trees. Properly maintaining a fruit tree improves the health of the tree and can lead to better fruit.

Crown reduction is not tree topping – tree topping is not a recommended method for proper tree care. Rather, crown reduction means lightly thinning the top of the tree without altering the integrity of the branches. This can minimize storm damage and reduce the chance that a larger tree will uproot and topple.

Alexander’s Tree Service follows American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for tree pruning and trimming, doing what’s best for you and what’s best for the tree.

Since every tree and customer is different, we put together a pruning package that is customized for you. Our knowledgeable staff can make recommendations and estimates based on your trees and specific needs.

Stump Grinding

The tree is down – but what about the stump? Let Alexander’s take care of it for you, bringing in our stump grinder to remove the stump. We grind the stump out to a depth of 20” below ground, which means you can plant another tree in that spot if you’d like to.

Want to keep the grindings? We can leave the stump grindings behind for you or haul them away. Be sure to let us know your preferences when we discuss stump grinding services and estimates.

And there’s no need to worry about underground wires and cables – Alexander’s Tree Service will call Miss Utility for you to ensure the area is safe for us to work in.

Cable Installation

As a tree grows and ages, large branches can become heavy and crotches – areas where limbs meet and branch off – can become weak. Cabling the tree can help shore up these weak areas, restore the canopy of the tree, and maintain the longevity of the tree. Let the experts from Alexander’s Tree Service assess your tree to determine the best course of action.